The Melody

White : Melody of Death

Directed by Kim Gok, Kim Sun

Starring: Ham Eun-jeong, Hwang woo Seul-hae,
May Dani, Choi Ara, Jin Sae-yeon

Idol girl group, Pink Dolls, struggle to make their name in the Kpop music industry. The group consist of lead singers Jenny (Jin Se Yeon) and Ah Rang (Choi Ara), Eun Ju (Ham Eun Jung) and rapper, Shin Ji (May Doni Kim). One day the group agency moves into a new office.

Eun Ju discovers an old tape of music video without any title. Soon the group is on the rise and become popular with their new single titled "White". However, the sudden fame comes with increased jealousy and competitiveness among the group members, with mysterious events begin to occur.

Jenny loses her life while doing training on singing. Meanwhile, Ah Rang and Shin Ji become hostile with each other. Shin Ji also gets more competitive and jealous, while the curious Eun Ju seeks to discover the root cause of all of this. While trying to unlock the mystery she falls victim to the curse...